UX Case Studies


Dashboard Design Workflow

MicroStrategy’s latest visual analytics tool lets customers perform ad hoc analytics and build powerful dashboards. For this new version, one of the big features we added was the capability to format and customize the dashboard visualizations.

I was responsible for start-to-end UX for this workflow, and worked closely with product managers, visual designers and developers.

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BirdsEye App Filter Design

The BirdsEye bird-finding app is one of the best tools for birders to look up birds found in any area. I worked on a feature which would let them identify a bird based on its color, size and habitat.

I was responsible for start-to-end UX including research and analysis, ideation, wireframing, and prototyping; and worked closely with the visual designer.

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Microcharts for iPhone

The microcharts widget is one of the most popular widgets available within MicroStrategy products, containing sparklines and bullet graphs in a grid. We ported this to the phone with a new design that kept it data-dense yet clutter free.

I worked in a team of product managers, designers and developers to ideate and create low-fidelity wireframes.

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Interactive Storytelling with the Kinect

Kinect-the-dots is an interactive storytelling experience designed for classroom use for children with autism. The teacher can narrate the story and the child can interact with the story “pages” on a screen using gestures.

I conceptualized and developed this along with 2 more team members. This was driven by field studies performed at a school for children with autism.

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Selected Data Visualizations

Selected Publications

Videochat for Children with Autism

I designed and conducted an A/B testing exploratory study to understand the opportunities and challenges with using videochat for children with autism. The study compared the use of two different videochat window layouts.

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Mokashi, S., Yarosh, S., and Abowd, G. Exploration of Videochat for Children with Autism. Proc. of IDC, (2013). 320-323.


Sharetable is system that faciliates easy-to-initiate videochat and a shared tabletop surface. I worked with Lana, a PhD student, and helped with conducting and analyzing in-home studies with 2 families.

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Yarosh, S., Tang, A., Mokashi, S., & Abowd, G. (2013). “Almost Touching:” Parent-Child Remote Communication Using the ShareTable System. Proc. of CSCW, 181-192.