How common is your birthday?

Birthday dashboard
First in the series of dashboards I created using MicroStrategy’s latest product, this dashboard explores popular and not-so-popular birthdates in the US. Inspired by the daily viz, this visualizes birthday popularity in the form of a heat map.
Some interesting observations:

  • September is the most common, Aug and July not far behind. Looks like its the holiday season when a lot of people conceive!
  • 13th is uncommon across the months – probably as a result of being considered unlucky?
  • All of the holidays are the most unpopular days of the year as birthdays!

One thing to note is that this is just ranking of the dates – there is no value associated with the actual number of births on each date. Thus, this data doesn’t accurately reflect the how much more popular a certain date is than another. It would be great to get access to actual births data, as well data from other parts of the world!

More reading: “The effect of holidays on US Births.”

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